David Haye: Criticism of me is fair as I only have myself to blame

Phil Jay 11/06/2014

Injury-prone heavyweight David Haye has admitted that the flak he receives from a sceptical section of the British fight fans is fair and justified given his recent track record.

The 33 year-old is eyeing a return to action by October this year as the two-weight world title challenger plots another title reign at the top table on the back of just one fight since his 2011 loss to Wladimir Klitschko.

On that occasion, Haye blamed a big toe ailment for his poor performance in Hamburg and has since pulled out of three scheduled fights, the last of which was down to a serious shoulder injury that threatened his very career.

Haye has gone through some tough times upon receiving doctors advice to consider hanging up his gloves, but the Londoner stated that he has never given up hope of getting back to doing what he loves.

“I couldn’t tie my shoelaces wash my left armpit or clean my teeth. I am very right hand dominated and it was tough to change everything. There were many times when I couldn’t even lie down on my bed,” Haye told The London Evening Standard.

“When the doctors said I wouldn’t be able to fight again everyone automatically retired me. But I never said anything. I was determined to prove people wrong. I kept quiet, though, for two reasons.

“The first was that I had some dark days. I felt sorry for myself. I thought I’d be back in two or three months but that time came and went and I was no better.

“My right shoulder is everything to me because that’s where the power comes for me to launch The Hayemaker, and that’s always been my money maker.

“Every boxer needs to punch, but none more than me and that’s because I’m not that skillful and I’m one of the smallest heavyweights you’ll ever see. If I didn’t have a great right hook the bigger, heavier fighters would grind me down.”

Feeling confident enough to state that he is intent on fighting again, Haye has outlined that he wants at least two bouts a year before a world title shot in two years time. 

After previously being slated for pulling out of firstly, the Manuel Charr fight in the summer 2013, then twice against Tyson Fury, Haye wanted to make completely sure that another fight was possible.

“I didn’t want to make another false promise. I told the public three times I’d be fighting and I pulled out each time. I didn’t want to let them down again,” said Haye.

On whether he thinks the knocks from the public are warranted, Haye replied: “Yes, I do. And I think a lot of the criticism I’ve had as a result is fair, too. I’ve only got myself to blame. To be as injury prone as much as me isn’t simply bad luck. It’s the way I’ve trained in the past.”

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