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Home » Chris Jr wins, but strange goings on with the Eubanks in Newcastle

Chris Jr wins, but strange goings on with the Eubanks in Newcastle

As young Eubank set about softening Stepan Horvath up for a sixth round finish, Chris Sr was undertaking corner duties, or rather not, as the former world champion just stood and posed oddly in the ring.

The fight lasted all of 18 minutes and Eubank Sr, who has special dispensation to wear a shirt, tie and waistcoat ensemble by the British Board, hardly said a world to his son as trainer Ronnie Shields stood outside the ropes for the most part whispering in his fighter’s ear. 

It was certainly strange viewing to see retired Eubank giving out some of his old poses to the crowd, whilst his son sat on his stool looking like he’d rather be anywhere else after taking the fight at three days notice.

Two or three docile rounds were endured at the start of the encounter, until undefeated Eubank exploded into life in the fourth, rocking Horvath who somehow stayed on his feet. More big shots followed in the fifth, finally putting Horvath on the canvas and from then on the writing was on the wall.

The end came in the very next round, as soon as Eubank wanted it too really, as the talented middleweight hunted down the Czech until referee Andrew Wright had no choice but to call off the contest.

At 24, Eubank has shown some promise in getting to 16-0 – with eleven stoppages to his name, and has now stated that he is ready to step up in class when he returns to action in July.

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