Super-8: Rahman, Sprott, Rogan weigh-in results

All eight fighters weighed in today ahead of the Super-8 heavyweight three-round tournament taking place in Auckland tomorrow.

Featuring the likes of former World champion Hasim Rahman, along with format experts Martin Rogan and Michael Sprott, the event has created much buzz down under for what is the biggest boxing night in New Zealand for some time.

Here are the weights:

Michael Sprott (Eng) 112.3kg (247lbs) vs Martin Rogan (Ire) 106.3kg (234)

Alonzo Butler (US) 134.4kg (296lbs) vs Brice Ritani-Coe (NZ) 118.1kg (260)

Hasim Rahman (US) 115kg (253lbs) v Antz Nanzen (NZ) 107.7kg (260)

Hunter Sam (Aus) 104.5kg (230lbs) vs Kali Meehan (Aus-NZ) 110.4kg (243)

All eight competitors are fighting it out for a $200,000 first prize from a pot of $500,000, with each participant taking home at least $15,000.