Adrien Broner reduces homeless man to tears with a stack of cash (video)

Former three-weight world champion Adrien Broner showed off his softer side by pulling up to a homeless man on the street in his car and handing over a pile of hundred dollar bills.

The man thought the ‘The Problem’ was pranking him at first, until he realised that it was no joke from the boxer and duly thanked Broner for the kind gesture of $1000 with some amazement.

Filmed by World Star Hip Hop, it seems that Broner is intent on changing people’s perception of him with this good image offensive after his recent warning from the WBC for bad behaviour.

Broner, 24, has always been pushing a brash and loud persona in the past, although pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather went public in a bid for the American to tone it down.

At his worst, the light-welterweight star was filmed engaging in sex with prostitutes and has been largely booed by fans for the majority of his recent fights.

This latest gesture seemed genuine though and maybe Broner is turning over a new leaf as he plots another world title challenge of the back of his dominant win over Carlos Molina earlier this month.

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