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Rubio sure that size difference will be too much for Cotto against Martinez

The 33 year-old two-time world title challenger is in line to face the winner of the massive clash at Madison Square Garden next month and sees the jump from 154lbs being a bridge too far for Cotto against Martinez.

“I was actually surprised that Cotto even made the move to 160lbs as he already made the weight one month prior to the fight. He is a natural 147 Welterweight and middleweight is a big jump,” Rubio explained to World Boxing News.

“I think Martinez wins this fight due to size difference and it is a big difference. Cotto couldn’t beat Trout at 154 and is now jumping up to middleweight. I think Martinez is better than Trout and bigger which will be the deciding factor in this fight.

“I would like Cotto to win and then he will be my mandatory as he has a better style for me to go up against.”

Rubio put himself right in the mix with Cotto and Martinez with his impressive tenth round stoppage win over Domenico Spada last month and is now playing a waiting game as a third championship chance looms on the horizon.

“We would like to schedule a fight as soon as possible to stay busy in the ring,” said Rubio. “My promoter handles all of that sort of business. But, at this time, we don’t have anything confirmed and will await the results of Martinez v Cotto before deciding on the next step.”

Asked whether a future rematch with Julio Cesar Chavez would be on the cards at any point in the future with his Mexican rival contemplating moving up in weight, Rubio answered:

“I don’t think that’s in the cards as my natural fighting weight is at 160lbs. and I feel good at that weight. I have no interest in going up in weight to fight him, but if Chavez wants to come down to 160lbs, I’m ready,” he confirmed.

“Now that I’m the interim world champion, I’m sure it would interest him more,” added ‘El Veneno.’

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