Rendall Munroe begins bodybuilding training


Former world title challenger Rendall Munroe is back in training just weeks after announcing his retirement as the one-time Leicester bin man prepares to pack on the muscle to become a bodybuilder.

The 33 year-old, who lost to Josh Warrington in his final fight earlier this year, is training with at ex-British bodybuilding champion Dennis ‘Sugar’ Christopher’s gym in his hometown and has been getting advice on how to beef himself up for possible competition.

“It’s only been about two or three weeks, but I’m already getting a bit of size,” Munroe told The Leicester Mercury. “The only problem is I’m hungry all the time.

“The training is pretty much the same, just more compound moves such as bench presses and squats and I’ve got to up my calories to put on the weight.

“The buzz I used to get from boxing, I now get from this. I’ve got the right physique for bodybuilding competitions and I like the clean living and the dedication you have to give to it.

“Eating more and lifting bigger weights is the only difference.”

On whether going pro was a possibility Munroe added: “I haven’t set myself any targets for competitions or anything – I’m just going to see how it goes and when I’m ready, I’m ready.”

Munroe, who was fondly followed by UK fight fans throughout his title-laden career, won 28 of his 34 professional contests, claiming numerous belts in an eleven-year stint in the ring.

The southpaw’s peak came in 2010 when he challenged the great Japanses fighter Toshiaki Nishioka for the WBC super-bantamweight title in Tokyo, but lost out on points and was in no way disgraced.

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