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Sulaiman proposes tournaments to crown only one world champion

In his latest move, Sulaiman is looking to discuss having just one world champion for each of the seventeen weight divisions with each of the World Boxing Organisation, World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation organisations.

Those three, along with the WBC, are the widely recognised bodies that can claim to crown fully-fledged world champions, although the straight-talking Sulaiman is eyeing big changes in the title structure going forward.

“We will work on this proposal. The word “world champion” has lost its meaning,” Sulaiman explained.

“We have a proposal to make a tournament to have one world champion. If the other organizations want to have a champion from their organization it’s ok, but let’s have a one an only world champion,” he added.

Sulaiman’s efforts are understood to have been greeted favourably by the other three organisation heads, with further and more in-depth negotiations set to take place once all four finally meet in the same room sometime in the future.

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