Marcos Maidana guaranteed same $1.5m purse as Amir Khan for May 3

Floyd Mayweather Marcos Maidana

The purses for this Saturday’s huge pay-per-view clash at the MGM Grand between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana have been revealed this week as the fighter’s go through their pre-fight rituals.

It’s no surprise that Mayweather is guaranteed a whopping $32m for his part in the proceedings, but what does come as a slight eyebrow-raiser is opponent Maidana’s paltry $1.5m minimum.

The Argentine, who has his face splashed all over the posters alongside Mayweather for his defining night, has been leveled off with co-main event participant Amir Khan.

The Briton takes home the same fee at face value.

Once the PPV numbers are crunched, Marcos Maidana can expect to bank somewhere in the region of $5m. Although not placing him in a higher bracket than an undercard fighter in Khan is somewhat of a slap in the face for the current WBA welterweight title-holder.


Khan’s opponent Luis Collazo’s payday is obviously far less at $350,000. But shows the high regard ‘King’ Khan is held in Stateside as he can command a cheque as high when not the headlining act.

Adrien Broner, who meets Carlos Molina on ‘The Moment’ in his comeback bid after losing to Maidana, is himself due to net $1.25m as he makes his first move at the light-welterweight limit.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer has already stated that he is hopeful that the event could make more capital than Mayweather and Canelo’s ‘The One’ clash last September.

That may be a tough call with all things considered.

Only time will tell.

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