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Block removed from Marcos Maidana’s Floyd Mayweather purse

Maidana, 30, is currently the subject of a legal bid from former trainer Guillermo Serra, who has claimed that ‘Chino’ is under managerial contract with him until 2016 and that a percentage of his earnings throughout his career should be paid his way.

Serra’s challenge was given some credit by Santa Fe judge Claudio Bermudez earlier this month when Maidana’s purse was withheld pending further investigation, although Contursi told WBN the first hurdle had been manoeuvred in what he says are totally false claims.

“The order came Bermudez, but that was just the very first step of a long road before the order hypothetically could be executed,” Contursi explained to World Boxing News.

“With that order from the Argentinean judge these people (making the claims) had to go through Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Ministry as any international request from a judge needs to go the diplomatic way. Then ultimately, it should be an American judge (in this case) who should review that original order before deciding whether or not execute withholding the purse in Las Vegas.

“It seems that the people who requested Maidana’s purse to be withheld have changed their minds for now after learning what legal processes they must go through, so I guess we have not been officially notified of any international order to keep the purse.

“Our lawyers in Argentina will counter these claims anyway, because these people have generated damage to Maidana with false accusations, but the good thing is they were not able to distract Marcos at all as we knew all along they were trying to do something that was simply wrong.”

With the biggest fight of his life looming large, Maidana can breathe a sign of relief knowing that his multi-million dollar reward for facing the world’s biggest name on Saturday night will safely be deposited into his own account post-fight.

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