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Home » Bobby Gunn: Kimberly Slice going nowhere in boxing, BKB fight is ‘very close’

Bobby Gunn: Kimberly Slice going nowhere in boxing, BKB fight is ‘very close’

The 40 year-old, who recently retired from boxing and returned to fighting without gloves, is confident a deal with Slice, also 40, can be struck and hopes to finalise the high-profile clash soon.

“I’m very close to fighting Kimbo Slice, well he has got a few names; Kimbo, Kimberly slice and home slice but I will knock them all out!” Gunn exclusively told World Boxing News on Tuesday.

“We are in talks and it’s just a matter of whether he comes through as you know it’s been five years now that I’ve been chasing him.

“I know Kimbo has been doing his thing boxing, but if it happens, it will be a bare knuckle super fight and it will be the second sanctioned fight we have had.

“The first one in 2011, that’s when I won the vacant bare knuckle heavyweight title and the great Bert Randolph Sugar told me back then I was the legitimate heavyweight champ. Slice would be a great flight to put this sport back in the mainstream, which Mr. Sugar told me would happen before 2011 and the man was a total class act.”

Slice, real name Kevin Ferguson, has been dipping his toes into professional boxing since 2011, but hasn’t fought since January 2013 after racking up six knockouts from seven straight wins.

“People tell me Kimbo wants to box me and I believe it,” said Gunn. “If they say he will stay in boxing for titles it is lies as he’s a four round fighter and couldn’t last for twelve rounds. Plus, he has only got a name for bare knuckle fighting otherwise he’s nothing to me.

“He is going nowhere with his boxing career and he will never get a shot at a top ten fighter, but fighting me he will make a fortune in pay-per-view.

“Just look at the last stream on the internet and the PPV was 1,000,000 buys, which shows people are crazy for bare knuckle boxing and a legit BKB fight.

“I am the best and always have been and if he takes this fight, I promise I’m going to knock sparks off Kimberly Slice’s fat head.

“I’m going to expose him, take him to school and show him what a proper hard BKB man is all about!”

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