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Cleverly: I may give gobsh*** Bellew another spanking!

Bellew, 31, suggested sharing a ring with Cleverly for a second time following his destructive cruiserweight debut victory over Valery Brudov at the Echo Arena as ‘The Bomber’ bids to overturn a split decision loss at the same venue in 2011.

“I am sick of hearing about his maths degree and him changing trainers every five minutes. Just fight. That’s what we are supposed to do, I am sick of talking about it,” Bellew stated on Sky Sports as reported by WBN on Saturday night.

Cleverly, who is biding his time before making his own move into the 200lb division, didn’t take too kindly to Bellew’s words and used Twitter to potentially accept the new WBO International Champion’s challenge.

“I hear some gobs***e mugging me off on Sky Sports last night,” said Cleverly “Gloves back on soon. I may even give that mouthpiece another spanking.”

Upon hearing the remark, Bellew then fired back via the same outlet as the arch rivals look to heading towards an inevitable return once Cleverly finally gets to grips with the higher weight-class.

“Mugging you off? I say it how it is! I get in a ring and fight; I suggest you do the same thing. Stop the talking! Let’s do it!” said Bellew, with 27 year-old Cleverly finishing off the exchange by saying: “Concentrate on your own career kid. I will be back. You can have another crack at me, but show more respect next time I beat you big man.”

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