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Home » IBF chairman outlines Shawn Porter’s title options as father dismisses Kell Brook

IBF chairman outlines Shawn Porter’s title options as father dismisses Kell Brook

The 26 year-old, who took the title from Devon Alexander in December, has been linked to clashes with a number of fighters since his defining victory, although Porter does look destined to face the Briton at some point in 2014.

“Kell Brook is the mandatory, however, Porter is still in an optional period and can fight anyone in the top 15 up until April 6, 2014,” IBF chairman Lindsey Tucker told World Boxing News on Friday.

“We will be notifying Porter to start negotiations with Brook on April 7, 2014, but under IBF Rules Porter could ask to fight the WBA, WBC or WBO welterweight Champion in a unification. If he did, that it would take priority over the mandatory.

“Also, any IBF Champion can ask for an exception to the current regulations. If the Board grants the exception request, the Champion can fight someone other than the mandatory.

“If the request is granted, it’s usually with the condition that the winner of the exception must fight the mandatory challenger within 90 days,” he added.

WBN also got in touch with Porter’s father and trainer about the title holder’s intentions going forward, but Kenny Porter was categoric in stating the Brook would not be his son’s next opponent.

“We are not fighting Kell Brook,” said Porter. “We don’t know who our next opponent is yet and we are just awaiting the announcement.”

When further asked whether Porter had been aware of comments by Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn on the IBF’s mandatory obligations, Kenny said: “I haven’t heard anything like that at all and who is Eddie Hearn? Does he work for the IBF?

“I don’t who we are fighting at this time, but I’m sure that Golden Boy will make an announcement soon.”

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