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Arum: Khan has been humiliated by Mayweather, should tell him to p*** off!

Mayweather, 36, has been linked to a fight with Khan for the best part of four months, with some UK media even going so far as reporting the contest as done for Las Vegas in late spring.

Khan stated that a contract from his side was already in place to fight Mayweather, before ‘Money’ then opened a poll with Marcos Maidana to decide who he fights, which the Bolton fighter proceeded to win by a wide margin.

That voting process ended over a week ago now and Khan has still not been installed as Mayweather’s opponent for his 46th outing as rumours continue to grow that rival Maidana will instead land the clash.

Arum has been vocal with his thoughts on Mayweather’s treatment of the former light-welterweight champion as the promoter sees Maidana as a certainty to be announced for the MGM Grand encounter in the near future.

“What he has done to Amir Khan is absolutely disgraceful, whether he ends up fighting him, or he doesn’t,” Arum told Gareth A. Davies of The UK Daily Telegraph.

“My feeling is he is not going to fight him, but it’s disgraceful to do that to another human being because you are in a position to do that. Just because he has the power where you can do something like that.

“If a promoter did it, if a Bob Arum or a Frank Warren did it the press would be all over them. They have allowed Myweather to get away with this s***.

“It’s terrible.They have twisted the kid in the wind. Mayweather should be ashamed of himself. He’s not going to sign the contract. I think he will fight Maidana,” he added.

Maidana, who shares the same advisor as Mayweather in Al Haymon, has never been ruled out of the running as manager Sebastian Contursi has continually told WBN throughout the current process.

There is talk that Khan will be offered a fight with Maidana’s recent foe Adrien Broner on the undercard if the Argentinian is indeed confirmed as Mayweather’s opponent, although that may not be enough to ease the blow of believing that the fight was a done deal, says Arum.

“Amir Khan has put himself in a position where he can be humiliated. He’s like a laughing stock. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. He’s not fighting back and telling these guys to get lost. Get another promoter, maybe go back to Frank Warren, get another opponent and tell them to p*** off!”

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