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Home » Khan: Mayweather wait not good for fans, was the poll a stunt?

Khan: Mayweather wait not good for fans, was the poll a stunt?

The 27 year-old toppled ex-opponent Marcos Maidana by a wide margin during the week-long voting process to decide Mayweather’s May 3 opponent, but has since been made to wait to be confirmed for the date.

Rumours are rife that Mayweather will decide on a unification with WBA welterweight title holder Maidana, rather than giving Khan his opportunity, and the Briton is growing frustrated at the continued speculation.

“I have left this with my team and Golden Boy Promotions, but I don’t want to disappoint the fans and keep them or myself waiting,” said Khan.

“I am meeting with Golden Boy next week to see what my next moves are and I am sorry to everyone for the wait.

“If it is not (me that fights) Floyd, then good luck to whovever he fights. All this waiting around is not good for boxing fans and the fighters.

“Was the Floyd Mayweather poll just a publicity stunt? We will soon find out. Only my fans can push for the fight against Mayweather. We need to give the fans the fight they want,” he added.

Khan had been pencilled in for the Mayweather for months by his home media in the UK, some of whom were already announcing the fight as a done deal back in October.

The former Olympic silver medallist has already been linked to a coveted spot on the undercard should Mayweather choose Maidana, although it may not be enough to dampen the disappointment of Khan, who had his heart set on the main event.

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