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Maidana manager: Mayweather will see that the fans want ‘Chino’ over Khan

WBN spoke with Contursi on Monday following the release of an online poll by Mayweather to decide his next opponent, to clarify that a rematch with Adrien Broner is not set in stone if ‘Money’ comes calling for a massive pay-per-view bout with Maidana in the spring.

“We had a conversation with Al Haymon last week regarding Maidana’s next step,” Contursi told World Boxing News.

“We have discussed the Broner rematch and a possible Mayweather fight as well and as of now, both fights look like possibilities for Marcos next. We will continue talking with Al in the next few days to see what happens next, as of course nothing has been decided yet due to Mayweather asking the fans their opinion.”

Earlier in the year it was thought that Maidana had locked in a return with Broner due to the American’s decision to activate a clause in their original contract, although due to all boxers having ties to Haymon, they can pretty much work it out between themselves. Maidana is entirely within his rights to keep Broner waiting for the confirmation of their second fight, as until the last few days, it was widely understood that Mayweather had already agreed a deal with Khan for what will be his 46th professional contest.

Khan still remains a firm favourite with some, especially in the UK, but Contursi is confident that throwing the choice over to the boxing fraternity will only result in Maidana becoming the new favourite to land that lucrative contract for Mayweather.

“I think Team Mayweather are seriously considering a unification title fight with Maidana on May 3rd after boxing fans have picked Marcos in various polls and social media outlets over Amir Khan, but Khan is still in the picture so we’ll see,” pointed out Contursi.

“In regards to Floyd launching this poll on Twitter or Instagram yesterday, it reminds me of Broner doing the same thing before he began negotiations with Maidana, which then resulted in them fighting each other.

“All we know now is that Floyd is the biggest name in the sport by far and he calls the shots, but I’m sure he will find the same results in this poll as Broner found in his and see that Marcos is the choice of the fans for May 3rd.”

In recent statements by Khan, his side of the deal has already been inked, and there was only Mayweather’s signature needed to ratify what the British media have been predicting will happen since October.

As of this moment though nothing is certain, and never is where Mayweather is concerned, but there is a risk now that naming Khan would be seen as something of an anti-climax, which many on UK shores believe will be the case.

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