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Sanchez: Top opponents avoiding Golovkin, 154 move possible for Mayweather

Following the announcement that the big-punching champion would be facing Ghanaian Osumanu Adama this weekend in Monte Carlo, Golovkin has had to deal with several calls for him to step up his opposition.

Sanchez admits that he feels the same frustrations as the fans on the matter of nailing down a top, top contender for Golovkin – after a series of one-sided beatings that have done nothing for the Kazakhstan fighter’s pound for pound status.

The experienced coach believes that it is just a matter of time before Golovkin topples that huge name he craves to gain even more recognition, and has put world number one Floyd Mayweather Jr at the top of his wanted list once again.

“Gennady is a real pro who works hard, but it seems to be a difficult thing to get a big name fighter to agree to fight him,” Sanchez told World Boxing News.

“Tom Loeffler and Gennady’s managers, Max and Oleg Hermann have been working very hard to try and get some of the other champions in the ring with GGG, but it seems that nobody wants to answer the call. At the moment, the Golovkin name is mentioned and they are suddenly unavailable, but we just need to keep GGG busy.

“He is looking very sharp in training and I am looking for typical GGG performance. I predict a devastating and painful night for Adama.

“Once we get this fight out of the way, GGG Boxing have said that Gennady would fight Mayweather and even come down to 154 as Floyd is GGG’s dream fight.

“We think that exhausting all possibilities at 160 is the priority right now as being recognized as the linear middleweight champion is something we owe his fans, but if Mayweather became a possibility we will obviously take that detour.

“If Mayweather also avoids Gennady, then we have to make it our duty to then shame the other champions into refusing the chance to unify with GGG – then at least our mission would be accomplished in some way.”

Golovkin, 31, has 25 stoppages from his 28 wins and is yet to be pushed anywhere near losing a fight by all those who have been brave enough to enter the ring with him. Saturday’s foe Adama is seen as a stop-gap measure to bigger and better fights for the formidable fighter, who has repeatedly called on anyone between 154 and 168 to take up his challenge, without success.

A between Mayweather and Golovkin would certainly be a big ticket seller for the fans, but with ‘Money’ aiming to see out his career at 147, it looks to be yet another unattainable match-up for the exciting middleweight king.

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