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Home » Fans puzzled at Sky pundit Jim Watt’s scoring of Pascal vs. Bute

Fans puzzled at Sky pundit Jim Watt’s scoring of Pascal vs. Bute

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The 65-year-old, who won the WBC lightweight title in 1979, astonishingly has Bute winning 115-114 against his Canadian rival at the Bell Centre.

It came despite all three judges carding comprehensive scores favoring Pascal.

Although I didn’t hear the commentary, the consensus from feedback after the fight is that Watt saw the bout close all the way through.

However, Pascal seemed to do enough in most rounds to justify the scores.

I had it 118-110 due to Pascal throwing the last round away by standing there and allowing Bute to tee-off.

You could only see one other round going the former IBF super-middleweight champion’s way.

According to some disillusioned fans, this is not the first time the commentator has noted an eyebrow-raising scorecard.

News quickly traveled Stateside and beyond with all but a small few questioning how it happened.


Granted that Pascal was only working in bursts in the fight. But those were successfully executed as Bute still seemed to be feeling the effects of his devastating Carl Froch defeat in 2012.

Watt’s inexplicable scoring for Bute was certainly undeserved.

If the judges had seen the fight the same way, Pascal and his team would have been robbed of a clear win.

Luckily, they didn’t.