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Murray talks Fletcher pull-out, advisor addresses Sturm rumours and WBA status

The 31 year-old was all set to defend his interim WBA belt on the ‘Boxing Bonanza’ bill featuring possible future foe Gennady Golovkin until suffering the setback and Murray is hoping to bounce back after apologizing to both his fans and Fletcher on Friday.

“I would just like to say how disappointed I am to be letting down the Promotors, Jarrod Fletcher and those fans and friends that have booked to go to Mote Carlo,” Murray told World Boxing News.

“I am glad Jarrod is still on the bill fighting and I will hopefully speak to him after his fight as I plan to go to see him and obviously Golovkin in action next month.

“I hope this injury is the last bit of bad luck for me and 2014 can be a great year for my fans and British boxing in general.

The instant Murray was forced out of the Fletcher fight, reports surfaced of a rematch offer from current IBF title holder Felix Sturm for sometime in the spring, although advisor Andrew Mikhail stated that a deal with the German was not yet on the table.

“I have spoken to Hatton Promotions this week and we are discussing our options of which Sturm is certainly one. Although we talked about Sturm, as far as we are aware his last opponent Darren Barker has still has not confirmed whether he is having the contracted re-match or not so we will have to wait until that gets cleared up first,” said Mikhail.

“I don’t believe that any agreements have been made between Martin and Sturm or am I aware of any offers right now. I am sure as Sturm said after their last fight there is still unfinished business due to the draw the last time they met, so that fight is one possibility we can look at.”

There have also been suggestions that Murray has now been relieved of his interim title by the WBA in order for Fletcher to be given the opportunity, something Mikhail told WBN he has not had any formal correspondence on.

“Right now, I am not sure quite what’s happening with the WBA, but Martin is still mandatory to Golovkin and nobody should rule that fight out. Fighting Golovkin is a great option and one Martin will relish.

“Everybody already knows that Martin has proved he’ll go anywhere and fight anyone. He doesn’t care who or where.

“The ideal situation for us as it stands would be Martin beating Sturm and then taking on Golovkin in a unification, imagine that! Both are massive fights and Martin desperately wants to face the pair of them.

“If Hatton Promotions can sort any of those two fights out, or both, we are in business,” he added.

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