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Evander Holyfield remarks cause media frenzy

The 51 year-old, who entered the program earlier this month for what could be a three-week stint, is sharing the London pad with several ‘celebrities’ in a bid to be crowned champion at the end of this year’s run.

After initially making headlines for being shackled to The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman in BB’s first test, Holyfield has now caused outrage around the world with his views on gay people.

Holyfield has stated that being a homosexual is ‘not normal’ and also compared it to being handicapped in a conversation that is certain to come back to haunt the American upon leaving the show.

A devout Christian, Holyfield pulled no punches in airing what most see as a warped outlook on people who are attracted to the same sex, with statements made by ‘The Real Deal’ instantly going viral through social media.

Big Brother issued a warning to the fighter, who famously has his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson, although some are calling for Holyfield to be thrown off the show and his fee withheld for his controversial actions.

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