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Home » Scepticism and delight surrounds Mayweather v Pacquiao report

Scepticism and delight surrounds Mayweather v Pacquiao report

According to 78Sports TV, a YouTube channel claiming to have a ‘source’ close to Floyd Mayweather, the fight the world has waited for is ‘guaranteed’ to happen in the autumn, although there are already plenty of doubts that it will.

For one, Floyd Mayweather has stated that the fight will not happen whilst old rival and Top Rank boss Bob Arum is involved, something that was said as recently as last month when this video was originally posted up.

Secondly, Mayweather is yet to announce his opponent for May 3, so concluding negations with two fighters for two different dates would be a mammoth task to undertake for a mega-fight of this magnitude.

The pound for pound king has always been one for surprises and secrecy, but even this is out of his ballpark as early indications from the fans see most doubt the credibility of the report and the time it’s taken to catch on.

The report has alarm bells ringing from the onset and could be yet another smokescreen that clouds the fact that the fight is probably never going to happen unless Pacquiao blocks Arum out of negotiations.

Mayweather, in his recent interviews with his exclusive media outlet Fighthype, has already contradicted this post before it began to gain any momentum, and at this point it time I am firmly in the corner of the doubters.

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