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Mayweather: Pacquiao rumours are a lie!

It’s not unusual for some sites to gain notoriety from misinformation or straight out untruths, and this is sadly the case as Mayweather told close media source Ben Thompson of on Wednesday.

“All the stories you hear about Pacquiao is a lie,” clarified Mayweather.

“It (the story in question) is a lie. It’s not true. If it didn’t come from my mouth, Leonard’s (Ellerbe) mouth or Al’s (Haymon) mouth, it’s not true.”

Mayweather, 36, has once again been forced to clear up a rumour which has spiralled out of control, despite stating on more than one occasion in the past that he will be the one to break any news regarding potential fight.

Given ‘Money’ Mayweather’s track record with some previous fights, it would be understandable for some to question whether it is real or fake, although in this case it has been revealed to be a blatant misleading of those who pine to see the bout take place.

As I wrote on it in the wake of a frenzy of stories on the matter, it seems impossible for Mayweather to be negotiating two mammoth fights at once as his May 3 date in Las Vegas is still to be fully addressed.

When it comes to Mayweather v Pacquiao, I am afraid these reports go with the territory and there will always be those hoping to make a name for themselves from what is the most talked about encounter in boxing.

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