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Ray Beltran: Ricky Burns should be embarrassed to carry that belt!

Burns was quoted during the week stating that he feels there is unfinished business with Beltran, despite the fact that the ‘Rickster’ is pencilled in for a spring title defence against mandatory challenger Terence Crawford.

This latest move by Burns has not gone down well at all as Beltran, 32, contacted WBN to outline his continued frustration at the situation – having broken Burns’ jaw when the two fought out a debated draw in September.

“Well I have always been respectful to Ricky, but having just read the interview that he did saying that we got unfinished business I feel disrespected by him,” Beltran told World Boxing News.

“He is basically saying that if I couldn’t finish him with a broken jaw then he would beat me!”

In the interview shown on Sky Sports News, Burns stated that Beltran wasn’t much of a puncher and that he was eager to get the rematch done to prove he is the better fighter, something which the former challenger was quick to address.

“Burns is just making excuses to look good to his fans and prove that he is a brave guy, which I agree he is brave, but stop lying and keep it real,” said Beltran.

“He is discrediting me by saying what he has. I had a broken jaw twice and I know what it fells like. it takes a couple of rounds to start feeling the pain so he just barely made it when I put him down in the eighth. He took a knee and moved his jaw he knew something was wrong with it and if the jaw was broken since the second there is no way he would be able to move it in the eighth because he was going to be in lot of pain.

“The fact is that at the end of the day I whooped him. I broke his jaw, I sent him to the canvas and I beat him clear! He just had the advantage because I wasn’t just fighting him, I was fighting the referee and the judges. If we fight in a neutral place he knows what’s going to happen.”

Beltran went on: “I’m always respectful, but can’t stand when people lie and discredit me. Unfinished business….what’s he talking about?

“That belt doesn’t fit him any longer it’s too big! I would be embarrassed to carry that belt or even show it like I’m a champion.

“If I was him, I would just keep his mind on always being nice and respectful until somebody cross the line. I been through a lot and I don’t let nobody disrespect me in any way.”

Matchroom Promoter Eddie Hearn is set to make a formal announcement on Burns v Crawford soon, with the winner almost certain to have Beltran pushing for a shot at the title once the dust settles.

The date being mentioned right now is March 1, once again in Glasgow, with Crawford set to head out of the US for the first time in his career having racked up an impressive 22-0 record with 16 stoppages on home soil.

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