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Ariza in defence mode following Maidana video accusations

Fresh from Brandon Rios failing a drug test in the wake of his bout against Manny Pacquiao with Ariza in his corner, controversy has followed the trainer once more as fans and media alike question what may have happened between one of the later rounds.

In the video, made by an Instagram user and posted not long after Maidana’s points win in Texas on Saturday night, Ariza is seen placing something inside a tissue and pushing it onto the new WBA welterweight champion’s face.

Maidana then appears to sniff up and rock his head back, possibly swallowing a pill or taking a deep breath – it’s anyone guess, although Ariza has been dodging considerable flak since, which doesn’t seem to be anything new.

Some are questioning whether it could be smelling salts, others a straight–out stimulant, with Ariza himself telling Fighthype in an interview that it was nothing more than sterile dental cotton rolls.

Whichever way you look at it, Ariza is again the subject of derogatory headlines that have overshadowed a fighter and may now face exile from another top coach as Robert Garcia is no doubt weighing up what move to make next.

There is still a massive amount of sourness lingering from Ariza’s public split from Pacquiao mentor Freddie Roach, which was none-more evident than in Macau recently when the two locked horns in an ugly clash.

The question may be asked; ‘Why was Ariza even given any cutman duites in the first place?’ Which would have relieved him of the situation he currently finds himself in. And whether the detrimental figure still has a future in the sport is again being pondered as Ariza goes on another offensive to deny the accusations flat-out.

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