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Home » UK ban forces Mike Tyson to film TV appearances in Paris

UK ban forces Mike Tyson to film TV appearances in Paris

The 47 year-old, who was convicted of rape in the early 1990’s, was hoping to fulfil several appointments in the UK over the coming week, although border control in Britain has meant a change of plan.

Tyson has now made his way to Paris to film his TV duties for British shows, including BT Sport’s ‘The Clare Balding Show’ where the American is due to appear with Ricky Hatton this weekend.

It’s a hammer blow for the one-time ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ who had previously prided himself of making appearances on UK shores after being welcomed their several times in the past, although somewhat controversially.

Whether the new system in place will prevent Tyson from entering Great Britain for the foreseeable future is unclear, although the short notice of the block has not gone down well with UK fans.

Book signings and question and answering sessions were on Tyson’s itinerary for the comings days, although not all of the retired fighter’s engagements are thought to be salvageable.

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