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Team Toney: Charr jumped the gun, the fight is off and we’ll take Chisora instead!

As revealed on WBN previously, Toney was offered the chance to tackle Charr on a Eurosport televised contest for a collection of his fringe WBC belts, although Tannenbaum says they have never accepted the offer.

Charr has been quoted on his Facebook page in the last 24 hours announcing that the bout is made, but it won’t be happening unless Toney’s purse is bumped up tp meet the requirements of the former world champion.

“I can say that we just turned down the Charr bout as the promoter did not meet the cash requirements we needed to make this happen,” explained Tannenbaum.

“Toney really wanted this fight, but he has several offers right here in the States with better money than the German promoter is willing to give and we are hoping that a Charr fight can be made in the very near future.

“Charr has been chatting away about fighting.Toney as if the fight was made, but perhaps he should use this bark and tell the promoter to make a proper offer if  he wants him so bad.”

With just over two weeks left until the scheduled fight, Charr is running out of time to securing the name opponent he requires for the TV date and may now be forced to look elsewhere if the budget cannot be increased.

In the meantime, on hearing that David Price has decided to vacate his British and Commonwealth titles, rather than face Dereck Chisora on February 8, Tannenbaum has thrown Toney’s name into the hat for a Copper Box encounter with ‘Del Boy.’

“We would take Chisora anytime,” he said. “James showed in the Prizefighter that he is back in shape and if the Jason Gavern fight was ten rounds, Toney would have licked him.

“The tournament is exciting, but three rounds means that lesser fighter’s can come out on top.

“Toney is a real smart veteran and he can still give a contest to any heavyweight in the world. Believe me, he would break down Tyson Fury and stop him.

As for Chisora, even though that’s actually a tougher fight physically, Toney’s skill set is much higher and would outbox him throughout.

“We are waiting for the call,” added Tannenbaum.

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