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Home » Sanchez explains GGG’s Adama choice: Martinez, Murray stalling, Quillin just talking

Sanchez explains GGG’s Adama choice: Martinez, Murray stalling, Quillin just talking

Following yesterdays announcement that the unheralded Osumanu Adama is to face Golovkin in Monte Carlo early next year, Sanchez admitted that is has been harder than ever to nail down a top-name opponent for the contest.

“Unfortunately for Tom (Loeffler) and GGG’s management its been difficult to secure a tough match,” Sanchez told World Boxing News.

“This is because other so called top middleweights are only talking and not willing to sign a contract. Maybe in the next fight, after enough prodding, one of them will step up – but all top names have been asked.”

One of the reason’s for Golovkin, 31, struggling to snare one of the stars of the division will certainly be the WBA and IBO middleweight champion’s recent destructive win over Curtis Stevens and Matthew Macklin.

Both ranked contenders were hurtfully stopped by Golovkin, who has now won fifteen fights in a row by knockout, and Sanchez says that there are still some irons in the fire to make a future super-fight for the Kazakhstan-born puncher.

“Martin Murray is the mandatory with the WBA and he was asked several times,” explained Sanchez. “His response was that he needed a couple of tune up fights, but a decision will have to be made soon or he will lose his status.

“Peter Quillin, he seems want to hide behind the network war and just talk, whilst Sergio Martinez told us he won’t be available until the end of 2014.

“As for most of the other top name middleweights, they all seem to have other commitments or were just not available,” he added.

A ‘star-studded’ undercard promised by Golden Gloves promoter Rodney Berman this week for Golovkin’s second appearnce in Monaco is set be unveiled soon.

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