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Home » Arum denies Mayweather hate, says Pacquiao fight failure is stupidity

Arum denies Mayweather hate, says Pacquiao fight failure is stupidity

Speaking with USA Today this week, Arum stated that a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao has to happen for the good of the boxing fans and that the two sides need to get moving with negotiations for any deal.

“If people stop posturing, absolutely, it can happen. It’s stupid if it doesn’t happen. They owe it to the sport,” Arum pointed out.

“This idea that Floyd hates me or I hate Floyd is poppycock. Maybe the people around him are saying that. But Floyd and I, and certainly Todd (DuBoef) and Floyd, have always had a wonderful relationship.


“These so-called writers are saying, ‘Well, it can’t happen, because Floyd hates Bob Arum.’ Floyd doesn’t hate me, like I don’t hate him,” he added.

Rumours, which are no stranger where Mayweather is concerned, are now rife that the pound for pound best is nearing an announcement for his May 3 MGM Grand opponent, with most believing that Britain’s Amir Khan will get the nod.

Arum has already confirmed that Pacquiao is to make his next outing in Las Vegas next April, although in the past the ‘Pacman’ has not been flexible enough with his dates to interest Mayweather.

Mayweather, 36, has always wanted to call the shots for any clash, meaning that Pacquiao and Arum would have to be the ones that bend to accommodate the current two-weight world champion.

As Pacquiao attempts to instigate the fight being made, Arum may now have a chance to set up a meeting to discuss the big-money encounter – but only if Mayweather is willing to hold off with any imminent confirmation.


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