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Home » Feder defends Hearn over Beltran comments, talks Crawford and Burns rematch

Feder defends Hearn over Beltran comments, talks Crawford and Burns rematch

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The 32 year-old was unhappy at missing out on the world title due to a draw with Burns when it looked as if Beltran did enough to take the victory and the fighter directed his anger at Hearn in the article.

Feder feels Beltran’s comments were purely born out of frustration and stated that Hearn is certainly not to blame for the way things eventually transpired on that fateful Saturday night in Glasgow.

“I am not happy with the article with Ray as I feel it doesn’t reflect the true feeling of the camp,” Feder told World Boxing News.

“WBN are only doing their job so I understand getting the article out there, but this is catching Ray in an emotional state.

“I think that he represented himself with dignity after the fight and has continued to do so, but lately he’s been frustrated because we can’t seem to get the rematch squared away.

“There are many factors at play here but I assure you that Eddie Hearn has been very supportive of a rematch. Hearn made it clear within moments after the decision that he felt Ray deserved the rematch and has continued to support that cause.

“I have even personally traded texts with Ricky Burns who has been nothing short of a class act and a sportsmen about the outcome of the fight. Ricky has a cloud over him and I know he would like to set the record straight as would Ray.

“That was a very emotional night and the frustrations continue to haunt but there is a lot at play here.”

Eddie Hearn has revealed previously that he made a ‘huge offer’ to Beltran once the dust had settled, but as reported by WBN as the time, the Mexican-American had no interest in returning to the UK and wanted neutral territory.

The WBO’s decision to mandate that Terence Crawford be given his chance at Burns’ title is partly to blame for the collapse of a return, but Feder also stated that Crawford’s refusal to step aside has made the rematch impossible to make.

“I have to say that the WBO is one factor, but from what I was told they were willing to allow the fight if Top Rank and Matchroom could come to terms,” explained Feder.

“Terrence Crawford is the WBO mandatory challenger and from what I can see he is unwilling to step aside and fight the winner of the rematch. That seems to be the only thing standing in the way of getting Ricky and Ray back in the ring.

“As a professional who can easily understand the massive frustration of a bad decision, I would have hoped that Crawford would have accepted step aside money making way for the rematch.

“Also, as a fellow Top Rank stablemate, I would have hoped this would have been a no-brainer for Crawford as he would still get his shot and the well-deserved rematch would give the fans the fight they want.

“No one cares about seeing Crawford and Burns expect maybe HBO.”

Burns in currently in the final stages of his recovery from a broken jaw suffered in the autumn contest and Feder has also made his judgement on the controversial comments by Beltran that he would rather have broken Hearn’s jaw instead.

“Ray’s anger is misdirected and if anything he should be upset at Crawford at this point. As for accusations aimed at Hearn, all I can say is that I think Eddie Hearn would have far more to lose than to gain by involving himself in any scandal.

“As for the judges themselves, they should be ashamed. The UK judge was bad enough calling that at draw, but at least he split the difference. Ironically, the US judge was the one who had the worst infraction (115-112 Burns). I would look to Carlos Ortiz’s bookmaker before looking at Hearn.

“Whatever went through Ortiz’s mind I can’t even fathom, but what’s done is done.”

There is still some hope around on both sides that the rematch can be made at some stage in the future, if not now, and Feder is hoping to draw a line under the fallout of the decision as Beltran comes to terms with the result.

“We were treated with the utmost respect by Mr Hearn and his staff and by all the press. Even the local fans showed us respect after the decision and they have for the most part embraced us.”

Feder went on: “I personally would visit the city of Glasgow again without a second thought. Ricky’s manager Mr Morrison opened the doors to his gym to us and his family treated us as their own.

“What happened was unfortunate and it is a stinger that all of Team Beltran still feel. The only relief would be a rematch, plain and simple.

“Ray Beltran is one of the most respective men I know, he is a family man, a religious man and one of the reasons why I remain a manager in a sport that can be at times unforgiving.

“I can assure you that Ray would never wish harm on Mr Hearn but I can assure you that Ray will never put this to rest until he avenges his loss and is crowned world champion,” he concluded.