Referee Foster threatened on his own doorstep following Froch v Groves

Phil Jay 29/11/2013

Boxing referee Howard Foster has received death threats in the wake of his handling of the massive UK fight between Carl Froch and George Groves last week, it has been stated by sources close to the official.

The reports, which are detailed in several media outlets in the Doncaster native’s region, say that Foster and his family have even been approached outside their own home following the controversial ending to his world title clash last Saturday.

This shameful behaviour by thugs who would portray to call themselves ‘boxing fans,’ is disgusting and nobody should have to endure this kind of abuse for doing their job, no matter how high-profile their appointment.

Foster did what he believed to be the right thing by halting a Froch onslaught in the ninth round and has already been roundly criticised for dragging Groves away to declare the Nottingham fighter the winner at the Phones 4U Arena in Manchester.

The decision of these few to hunt down and hound Foster is a black eye to the sport, not only in the UK, but around the world and another member of the boxing fraternity could now be forced out of boxing by the actions of a minority.

Long-standing Foster, who took control of Derry Mathews v Anthony Crolla’s draw and Jamie McDonnell’s recent world title win, is an experienced figurehead in the British fight game and deserves much more respect than currently being shown by those taking matters into their own hands.

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