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Peter Fury opens up to WBN: Don’t be surprised if Haye fights Klitschko in 2014

Trainer and uncle Peter was gracious enough to give his thoughts on the whole situation to WBN as both he and Tyson contemplate where they go next with the undefeated heavyweight’s stalled career.

Haye, 33, pulled out of a scheduled fight on September 28 with just days to go until he faced Tyson the first time around and this latest setback for all concerned has left a bad taste in the mouth of Peter.

“Ever since the last minute cut, we knew something was a miss with this fight,” Fury told World Boxing News.

“We then asked for clauses to go in the new contract to address and cover pull-outs for damages, but this was refused by them. In my view, that is hardly someone pushing to keep the fight on track.

“Then we agreed, but only by not letting them have their way as really they hoped the new contract wouldn’t go ahead and we would demand the clauses.

“Since the cut and new contract being signed, Haye’s camp have been totally silent with Mick Hennessy after he tried a number of times to make contact without a reply.

“Also, this latest action is the only way that they can get out of this contract, which they obviously know.”

Upon reading the press release from Team Hayemaker, the disillusioned coach is already doubting reports that Haye’s career could be over and expects the two-weight world champion back in the ring next year at some point.

“Let’s predict the future as I’ve done since this fiasco cut appeared. I fully expect Haye to get challenged by a Klitschko in late January-early February and fight in late spring next year.

“Let’s also look at what Haye has been doing since we signed the second fight. He has been in Dubai partying with some mates of mine and not training at all. He even confirmed to certain people that he is not even fighting Tyson!

“Then we get a public workout to back up this injury again. Also, why must he look at Germany to fix his injury and in a private hospital? It would be interesting to know who recommended that hospital to him with the UK somehow not being able to fix it!

“All this carry on is a disgrace to pro boxing. We only have to go back to the beginning when I first heard from their camp wanting the fight there was already in contract with Diamond Boy to fight Manuel Charr. Then he agrees to fight with us after a hand injury and announces the fight with Tyson.

“So let’s get real here. People need to wake up to these muppet sly silly tactics from him. This has got to be one of the biggest farces in British boxing and it’s not the first time with Haye.

Fury now faces the arduous task of picking Tyson up from the devastation of his dream fight falling through and has already thrown names like Deontay Wilder, Bermane Stiverne and Bryant Jennings into the mix to replace Haye.

In all likeliness though, Fury will lose the Sky Sports pay-per-view date set aside for the Haye fight, although on the upside can now move forward with his career and put this setback firmly behind him.

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