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Hennessy considers legal position following second Haye withdrawal

Haye and Fury were due to meet at the Phones 4U Arena on September 28 of this year, although a cut suffered during a late sparring session meant the fight had to be postponed for five months until February 8.

A serious shoulder injury requiring hours of surgery has now put paid to fight, seemingly altogether, and Hennessy has more questions remaining than answers as he contemplates seeking financial compensation from Haye.

“We are considering our legal position with regards the cost of all this,” Hennessy explained to The Daily Mail.

“There has been a bad smell about this fight from the start. Even watching Haye when he’s had to be around Tyson we got the impression that something was wrong. He’s always been wary of big men and in my view was particularly worried because Tyson couldn’t care less about him and his threats.

“In my view I can’t understand why, having pulled out once, he asked for the fight to be put back on, only to then undergo shoulder surgery. Where has that come from?

“In my view it might just be, simply, that he’s bottled it.”

Fury, 25, is now set to lose his pay-per-view date with Sky barring a miracle or a world title shot, whilst Haye may never fight again as doctors have advised against a return to the ring.

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