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New York Inspector General to investigate Mago Abdusalamov treatment

The stricken Russian was place into a medically-induced coma following his brutal ten round clash with Perez at Madison Square Garden on November 2 after emergency surgery was performed on a blood clot in his brain.

Abdusalamov is still said to be ‘critical, but stable’ as the 32 year-old continues to be cared for by doctors, and criticism of the fighter’s treatment from the ring to the Roosevelt Hospital where he currently lays is now set to be scrutinized.

“The Department of State considers paramount the health and safety of boxers licensed by the New York State Athletic Commission,” the NYSAC’s Laz Benitez told World Boxing News.

“On November 2, Commission-licensed boxer Magomed Abdusalamov sustained injuries in a boxing match at Madison Square Garden. Given Mr. Abdusalamov injuries, it is incumbent upon the State to review the policies and procedures that are in place to protect the health and safety of boxers, and to determine whether they were properly followed in connection with that match.

“We believe the Office of State Inspector General is the most appropriate agency to conduct that review and have referred this matter to State Inspector General Leahy Scott for investigation.”

There have been suggestions that Abdusalamov was told to go to hospital only for a possible broken hand and nose by medical staff on hand at MSG, even after being thoroughly examined in his dressing room.

More serious events obviously transpired from the arena to the hospital, leaving Abdusalamov in a life-threatening condition, and whether more could have done to ease his suffering is set to be looked into further.

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