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Mundine v Mosley re-working certain to put Wood v Murray on scrap heap

Wood had confirmed his fight with Murray for December 11 just last month on the back of Mundine and Mosley’s proposed October clash falling through, but is now set to go back to the drawing board as the pay-per-view dates down under don’t match-up.

Mundine v Mosley is not yet formally set, although would happen just a fortnight before Wood v Murray was scheduled and the general consensus is that both fights cannot go ahead so close together.

“How can we risk following a fight that is essentially two blokes fighting for their super fund?’ Wood told The Sydney Telegraph.

“If the Mundine fight is a farce, and I believe it will be, what hope have you got of asking Aussie punters to then shell out another 50 bucks to watch you a fortnight later? And right before Christmas.

“People are fed up with the fight game. That’s what we hoped to change. We weren’t bringing a fighter who is on the way out to Sydney. We were bringing a genuine world champion; a guy ranked No.1 for a reason.

“But to do that, it was going to cost my backers $800,000 (Australian dollars) I can’t ask people to outlay that sort of money if we’re going to be made to follow a circus.”

The collapse of the Wood encounter will come as a massive blow to Briton Murray, who has already seen his ring return delayed twice due to Visa problems in the summer for a potential fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

It’s ironic that Murray should now secure his Visa only to be let down by the switching of another high-profile bout, meaning that the former two-time world title challenger could now miss the rest of 2013 unless something late happens.

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