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Home » Garcia: Ariza won’t be in the corner for Rios against Pacquiao

Garcia: Ariza won’t be in the corner for Rios against Pacquiao

Garcia and Rios, 27, drafted in Ariza, who has been a controversial figure since coming to the fore in boxing, to help the Californian’s preparations for Pacquiao – but won’t be making the ring-walk with ‘Bam Bam’ come fight time.

“Ariza is not in the corner. Ariza is working with Brandon but not in the corner,” said Garcia

“In the corner will be my dad, Dr. Anderson and myself. The fact that he worked with Pacquiao before does not mean we are taking advantage or asking any questions about Pacquiao.

“Ariza doesn’t ever say anything to me about Pacquiao or what we should do against Pacquiao. I don’t ask questions and he doesn’t tell me anything. He’s just doing his job like he never worked with Pacquiao.

Rios then opened up on the impact Ariza has had since entering camp for the Pacquiao fight: “I’m already a physically strong guy, but Ariza’s got some good work ethics,” explained Rios.

“He’s making me faster. He’s making me more light on my feet. He’s been great and been working very well, like Robert said.

“There has not been one mention of what Pacquiao does wrong or anything like that. We don’t need any of that stuff. We just do hard work and get the job done. That’s what we do.

“Ariza is great at what he does and we have a great workout. Mikey (Garcia) is using him and I’m using him and we see great results,” he added.

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