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Home » Pacquiao reacts to Rios and Ariza claims: I have been tested twice!

Pacquiao reacts to Rios and Ariza claims: I have been tested twice!

Rios was giving a sample to VADA this week when the former WBA lightweight king and fitness coach Alex Ariza (ex-Pacquiao), questioned whether Pacquiao was allowed to avoid any testing until he reaches the fight destination in Macau, China.

34 year-old Pacquiao then used today’s International conference call to address the comments made by his November 23 opponent and denied that any such agreement was in place between him and fight testers VADA.

“I was tested twice so there is no problem,” said Pacquiao. “My training here in General Santos City is very good and I am getting very excited for the fight.

“I have been training very hard for this fight and right now I feel like I am 25-years-old and training that way. I feel very good. My stamina and my quickness and power are there and I am very excited about that.”

Pacquiao also reacted to Robert Garcia’s recent interview where Rios’ trainer stated that the ‘Pacman’ was not as intimidating as he once was, although nothing seemed to get under the Congressman’s skin as he remained unflustered.

“He tries to say the words that he thinks will anger me but they don’t mean much to me. What I have to do it to prove it to them on the night of the fight on November 23rd.

“I can say the words too, but I have to prove it when we get in the ring,” he added.

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