Gunn: I’ll beat Jones Jr. and then knock Silva’s ass out in the parking lot!

Phil Jay 20/10/2013

Two-time world title challenger Bobby Gunn has reacted to comments made by Roy Jones Jr. over the weekend after his upcoming December opponent looked ahead to a possible clash with UFC star Anderson Silva.

Jones, 44, stated to awaiting journalists at the Mike Alvarado v Ruslan Provodnikov fight that he sees Gunn as a tune-up for the potential bout with Silva in 2014, although ‘The Celtic Warrior’ didn’t take too kindly to the former pound for pound king’s presumptuous words.

“Let me explain something to you, I am not a tune-up for no man born of a mother and I take no backward step to anyone,” Gunn told World Boxing News.

“I never look past any fights and I want to make this very straight that after I win this fight I could go out to the parking lot in a straight-up fight bare knuckle fight with Anderson Silva and knock his ass out too!

“I am not in any shape or form looking at this fight as a lead to anything and I certainly ain’t a tune up fight for nobody.”

Details of the fight are still to be ironed out, according to Gunn, although the recent heavyweight contender expects to hear full confirmation from his promoter in the next few days.

“Firstly, I want to thank God for this opportunity and I want to thank the Great Roy Jones Jr for being true to his word and taking the fight with me,” said Gunn.

“This fight will be in December in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they are looking at setting the date next week when they will announce more information on the the location and the undercard. The fight with Jones Jr will be over twelve rounds for a couple of cruiserweight belts as far as I know, but I am not sure what titles yet.

“I’m getting a lot of support especially from the Irish people already as the Stevie Collins fight never materialized for Roy, but I will represent the Irish and I will carry the torch to win this fight.

“I am a legitimate and pure puncher and as you know a puncher always has a puncher’s chance. It’s a fact that styles makes fights and this fight is going to be a fight that will not be forgotten.

“All that I am saying is that I fear no man, but I respect every man. This is the fight of my life and I am in good shape as I have been injury free for a year. I have never felt better and all my life I have been training hard for a long time.”

The 39 year-old, who failed to dethrone Enzo Maccarinelli and Tomasz Adamek in WBO and IBF cruiserweight title attempts in his career, is ready to put and end to any chance Jones has of sealing a high-profile encounter with Silva and has full confidence in his ability to do so.

“In all fights, even with the greatest Floyd Mayweather, there is always people that say this and say that. There are always critics, but I’m going to tell you something from my heart of hearts as I know what this fight is going to be. Do you think the Lions really care about the sheep’s opinion?

“I’m focused and all I care about is fighting Roy Jones Jr in December and as sure as the sun rises tomorrow, he will never forget me and there can only be one the Gunn,” he added.