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Home » Lennox Lewis clarifies to WBN: If there was a hard $100m to fight anyone I’m all ears!

Lennox Lewis clarifies to WBN: If there was a hard $100m to fight anyone I’m all ears!

The 48 year-old, who laughed off a fight against Wladimir Klitschko this week following reports he was interested in the bout, has said there were elements of the stories in the press that were true and that the Londoner would consider a significant bid to bring him back to ring.

Lewis even admitted that he upped the previous $50million price tag he put on his own head to end his retirement to $100m to stave off potential suitors, but would have to think long and hard if the money was genuinely proposed for his comeback.

“I think the article was framed as if I was seeking some sort of fight and there was a hard offer on the table, but no money has been put up and no discussions are or have taken place,” Lewis exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I am not actively seeking a fight, although if the $100m was actually put on the table then of course I’ll get out of my PJ’s and give it serious consideration.”

The recent interview Lewis gave with The Daily Mail has gone so far as to state that the 1988 Olympic gold medallist had begun tentative training for a potential 2014 clash with Klitschko, which Lewis explained to WBN was not the case at all.

“Ha! I don’t know where the training part came from, nor am I running every morning in Hyde Park,” joked Lewis. “At the moment I am not in discussions with anyone about a return to ring – nor do I have any plans to.

“I’ve always said $100m knowing that it can’t be done, but If however far fetched the money was somehow raised – I’m all ears, but I’ve yet to see the money on the table and I will remain happily retired until that time.”

The mass hysteria surrounding Lennox giving his career another go stems from the lack of strength in-depth currently endured in the top division right now and comes in the week when old rival Evander Holyfield finally announced his retirement as he approaches 51 years of age.

Boxing fans are longing for someone to be able to give either of the belt-hoarding Klitschko brother’s a run for their money, which hasn’t been the case since Lamont Brewster shocked Wladimir in five rounds in 2004.

Anyone believing that Lewis could sever a ten-year hiatus to challenge an all-dominant young champion in Klitschko would obviously be kidding themselves. And although a comeback of sorts would be interesting to see, the ‘Pugilist Specialist’ has too much intelligence to risk putting a dent in his considerable achievements and can be safe in the knowledge that his legacy is secured.