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Home » Lennox Lewis fully aware he is no match for Wladimir Klitschko at present

Lennox Lewis fully aware he is no match for Wladimir Klitschko at present

As always, any reports regarding a heavyweight from the bygone 1990’s era has to be run with as with Tyson, Bowe and Holyfield, but in all honesty would never make it past the denial phase from Lewis himself.

The first question is, ‘Why would Lennox risk his legacy for any amount of money when he is already comfortably rich?’ And secondly, ‘Does he stand a chance against Wladimir Klitschko?’

Lewis knows the answer to both questions, which is why he would never contemplate a return to the ring at this late stage of his life. The Londoner has already condemned Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe as laughing stocks for their continued desire to fight beyond their time and I have no doubt that Lennox is intelligent enough to know he would lose badly to Klitschko, who is currently at the peak of his powers.

Fight fans can prepare themselves for the usual denials from the team around Lewis as the whole situation is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Stories regarding a Lewis comeback regularly ignite a hive of activity throughout he boxing world as all and sundry crave a decent heavyweight bout following many, many poor efforts from challengers to the Klitschko brother’s crown.

Alexander Povetkin was recently swatted like a fly by Klitschko in what was billed as the biggest bout in the top division for years. The event in Moscow ultimately fell flat, like the last hyped-up encounter between Klitschko and David Haye 2011, with the truth being that there is currently no fighter on the planet that can get close to either Klitschko’s level – even with elder brother Vitali past his best.

Maybe in three or four years when 37 year-old Klitschko begins his inevitable decline we could see a Deontay Wilder or a David Haye come close to ending his unbeaten streak, but judging by Vitali, it could be more like six or seven years before that becomes a reality.

The bottom line is a near 50 and aged Lennox Lewis is no match for Klitschko right now however the fight is fed to the media and the former undisputed world title holder is well aware of that fact.

The extra publicity always seems to be welcomed by Lewis and keeps him even more relevant in boxing today after ten years retired and why not? I say he has well and truly earned it.