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Home » Ellerbe says Mayweather on vacation, brands Khan reports ‘ridiculous’

Ellerbe says Mayweather on vacation, brands Khan reports ‘ridiculous’

Mayo, who reports for in Mayweather’s hometown, caught up with Ellerbe following several stories in the British press broke late last night stating that Khan had been chosen as the next opponent for ‘Money’ on May 3 of next year.

“I think if there were discussions, Mr. Haymon and I would be well aware of them,” Ellerbe said. “Floyd fought two weeks ago. Can’t he take a vacation without talking about another opponent?

“That’s (rumours) part of boxing. At the end of the day, when the time is right, Floyd will make the decision on who, what, when and where, because that’s what bosses do.”

Former 140lb world title holder Khan, 26, remains the hot favourite to be in the opposite corner at the MGM Grand when Mayweather makes his 46th pro outing next spring, although the rumour mill will certainly keep on spinning until any official announcement is made.

Mayweather has always been one for fuelling whispers in the boxing media in the past, but it remains to be seen whether the 36 year-old will make a comment when he resurfaces in his usual manner on social media after a quiet few days.