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De La Hoya substance abuse photos doing the rounds, no takers yet

Is has been reported that De La Hoya was snorting the illegal drug through a rolled up bill as he enjoyed a night with revellers at the gambling capital of the world in the weeks leading up to Mayweather v Canelo.

The 40 year-old eventually was forced to miss the fight, which topped his own pay-per-view record by becoming the most lucrative clash of all time, when the ten-time world title holder checked himself into rehab in Los Angeles. De La Hoya has struggled with alcohol and substance abuse previously and was thought to be on the straight and narrow, until his own admittance that his demons had once again gotten the better of him.

These images of De La Hoya enjoying his old lifestyle are currently on the table for any media outlet that meet the payment demands of the taker, although none have so far been willing to pay the asking price.

It’s not the first time the ‘Golden Boy’ has been caught short in his private life as photos of him dressed up in women’s clothes were published online years ago, which De La Hoya eventually owned up to despite initially claiming they were photoshopped.

The first tweets from regular Twitter user De La Hoya since September 8 were published last night on his official account, with the ex-fighter advising others to seek help if they suffer the same fate.

“I sure pray to god that people would educate them selves on addiction,” he stated.