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Home » Fury claims Booth and Haye are ‘brave men to pull this bottle job con’

Fury claims Booth and Haye are ‘brave men to pull this bottle job con’

The 25 year-old, who is unbeaten in 21 contests, is livid at how the fight fell apart with just a week remaining and is questioning the authenticity of Haye’s injury, which may now have repercussions for any new negotiations.

“The cut is genuine. Correct you can’t box with the cut. Correct has to be cancelled. That’s why he’s cut so he can pull out. Sh**house,” fumed Fury.

“He’s had sh** camp and used this lame excuses to pull out. Klitschko (he) pulled out, Charr (he) pulled out (and it’s) sh**house tactics (so) you can con the public!

“Delay or pu**y job, he can never beat me. (He know’s) just like I know what you just done sh**house. Get me a real man to fight.”

Fury then went even further with his accusation by stating: “Booth: Hold still while I cut you. Brave men? (But a) twelfth hour bottle job and fact!”

Whether these comments could put a spanner in the works of any rescheduling remains to be seen, although the bad blood between the two has now gone up several notches over the weekend.

Fans are still clambering for the two fighters to work something out going forward, with trainer Peter Fury stating to WBN yesterday that there is only a chance of the fight happening again if Tyson agrees.

On this recent evidence, that my not be case…