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Home » Fury fights Haye in September, switches to kickboxing in October

Fury fights Haye in September, switches to kickboxing in October

The 25 year-old has made the strange decision to announce the switch in the run up to his biggest career test to date against David Haye on September 28, but believes he can overcome the one-time WBA title holder in Manchester and still be ready for his trip to Bucharest just a few weeks’ later.

“I’m really excited about this. Almost as excited as I am by the prospect of beating Haye,” Fury stated in the interview with respected boxing journalist Jeff Powell.

“Where we are in Belgium is kick-boxing country and my sponsor loves that as well as boxing. He asked if I would do this and I’m delighted. I’ve been boxing since I could walk but now I’ve got a new challenge. I enjoy new challenges. They keep me excited.

“I’m not only a boxer but a fighting man by birth and instinct. I’m also an amazing athlete for such a big man. Very mobile. Light on my feet, agile and flexible. I could be a success at any kind of physical combat.

“I meant it when I challenged Cain Velazquez (the UFC champion) and I hope that will take place, too, although he knows that would have to be an agreed form of upright fighting, without the wrestling on the floor.’

“I’ve been to Bucharest and it’s a terrific city. I’ve had fun times there and I’m looking forward to going back as the star of a big show.”

Haye, 32, has himself been linked to a future fight as long-time target Vitali Klitschko has recently put the feelers out on a possible encounter in 2014 upon his return from injury. The former undisputed cruiserweight champion has also expressed and interest in starring in movies once his career winds down and Fury was quick to mention that fact when making fun of his own career change next month.

“After the fight he goes to Hollywood and I go to Romania to get my head kicked in,” he joked.