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Home » Canelo: Catchweight won’t bother me, I’ll be a lot faster for Mayweather

Canelo: Catchweight won’t bother me, I’ll be a lot faster for Mayweather

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Alvarez, who is known for bulking up massively on fight night, was ordered to boil down those two extra pounds by Mayweather in order to seal the contest, but believes that the weight can be a positive, rather than a negative of September 14.

“It’s not going to bother me at all,” said Alvarez. “I feel good. I feel very, very good. I’ve been able to make the weight in the past without a problem. In fact, in my most recent fights I’ve been under on the day of the weigh-in.

“I really don’t do that much work so I think that it’s going to be fine. I feel very, very good right now, and, in fact, I think it’s going to help me. I’m going to be a lot faster.”

Mayweather, 36, is without doubt a massive step up for the charismatic star from Mexico, who will be able to answer questions of whether he is ready for the best in the world at just 23 undoubtedly next week.

‘Canelo’ is fully preparing himself for what will be the challenge of his career and is under no illusions at all that Mayweather will test him come fight night more than any of his previous 44 opponents to date.

“You know I’ve fought with all types of fighters, all styles, but he’s different. Obviously, he’s Floyd Mayweather; he’s different,” he explained.

“He’s a very, very smart fighter. He’s very smart that’s basically the difference. I’ve fought guys who are similar, but with Floyd he’s very, very smart so it’s different.

“(I think) My counter punching is going to help, it’s going to be an important factor, but it’s going to be an all-around thing, not just counter punching. Obviously, pressure as well; pressure is going to help me in the fight but, you know, smart pressure; going in there not careless, but being very smart about it.”

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