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Home » Cherchi: No rematch for Daws, Di Rocco won fair and square!

Cherchi: No rematch for Daws, Di Rocco won fair and square!

Daws, 34, has claimed, along with trainer Ian Burbedge, that he may have been the victim of a hometown decision coupled with bad refereeing, although Christian Cherchi was dismissive of these suggestions and further ruled out a quick return for the Londoner this year.

“For one thing the EBU doesn’t allow immediate rematches,” Cherchi told World Boxing News.

“That would only be in special circumstances and anyway Di Rocco won fair and square. Another thing is I don’t think the UK TV outlets will be interested. For their fight in Italy I was not able to sell the UK TV rights because the outlets told me that they have no interest in Daws.”

Former British champion Daws also claimed that efforts surrounding the fight may have been made to unsettle him by OPI 2000, but again Cherchi was having none of it when asked for a statement on the comments.

“All I can say on that is there were some logistical problems with the stay of Team Daws, but all in all they were fairly treated,” concluded Cherchi.

31 year-old Di Rocco will now make a voluntary defence of his title on home soil in November, according to Cherchi – with Daws off the shortlist of possibilities as the Italian puts his new belt on the line for the first time.