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Home » Murat: Hopkins is a freak of nature, but I’ll beat him with brute strength

Murat: Hopkins is a freak of nature, but I’ll beat him with brute strength

The German-Iraqi, whose challenge was delayed due to visa problems, has compiled a 25-1-1 record since turning pro in 2006 and makes a huge step-up at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City in his highest-profile contest to date.

There had been doubts over whether the 29 year-old would be able to make the trip, although Murat is glad he can now concentrate on the task at hand and finally fulfill his dream of claiming a recognized global belt.

“I was never really in any doubt that the fight would go ahead. I had those visa issues and feared that it may take some time to get the approval to fight in the US, but thankfully everything has been solved faster than expected,” Murat told World Boxing News.

“I am excited as it’s the US, and if you want to become somebody in boxing you have to fight the best there.”

Going up against a boxing legend and fighting at a world-famous venue in front of a Partizan Hopkins crowd doesn’t phase the former European title holder, who plans to use his superior strength to get the job done.

“The bout will be inside a normal ring and it will be no different to the gym I train at,” said Murat.

“I feel no pressure whatsoever. It’s about me making the fight and not letting him dictate it. My brute strength will be the weapon of choice and I see it this way: the belt lies between the two of us and we will both be longing for supremacy over each other. I will give the fight of my life and afterwards the people will say that Karo Murat deserved that chance.

“It is going to be something special to fight against Hopkins. I grew up watching those legends like Roy Jones Jr. and Hopkins sharing the ring. They enticed me to become a boxer and I know I have nothing to lose. I can only to gain with this fight – so I am more than happy to box him.”

At 48, Hopkis continues to defy father time as his career hits 25 years in the weeks prior to his fight with Murat, with his opponent believing that ‘The Executioner’ deserves all the plaudits he gets for his accomplishments in the sport.

“Hopkins is a freak of nature and very disciplined. He still has that drive to compete with the best.

“If he has a secret recipe to what he has done and continues to do, he should sell it as it would make him the richest man alive,” he added.