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Khan on losses: Peterson was drugged and Garcia was lucky!

Khan, 26, suffered damaging losses at 140lbs, firstly to Lamont Peterson in late 2011, before Danny Garcia shocked him with a fourth round stoppage just seven months later as the former Olympic silver medallist’s career took a backwards turn prompting a move up in weight.

After Peterson was stripped of his WBA title for allegedly failing a drugs test and Garcia failed to consider a return with Khan, the Bolton fighter is now confident enough to pour scorn on the defeats after two straight victories over Carlos Molina and Juan Diaz.

“I had two (world titles) and I lost both of them, one against Lamont Peterson, who was drugged and is a cheat and one against Danny Garcia, who was lucky and caught me off guard,” Khan told Sportsmail.

“I have offered Garcia to fight me multiple times, but he knows he was lucky and he doesn’t want a re-fight.

“I am not going to wait around for him. I am stepping up to the welterweight division and looking to the future for big fights.”

Now fully entered into the 147lb ranks, Khan has set his sights on an IBF championship clash against Alexander in Dubai or America, although ‘The Great’ is playing hardball in the negotiations, according to ‘King’ Khan.

“I am ready 100 per cent to fight Devon Alexander in Dubai, but it seems he and his team are coming up with excuses every other day and they have not agreed to the fight.

“I want to fight Devon either way. If he does not agree to fight in Dubai, then I will fight in America, or wherever he wants to fight,” added Khan.