Banned Brian Magee warns athletes of the dangers of ‘unregulated junk’

Phil Jay 22/07/2013

Veteran super-middleweight Brian Magee has released a statement tonight after the UK Anti-Doping Agency confirmed the Irishman was serving a six-month ban for a doping violation.

The Belfast puncher, who fought stellar names like Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler in a title-laden career, has announced his decision to keep active in the sport and has taken to his Facebook page to warn other fighters of the dangers of sports supplements and their hidden content.

“So finally I can breath, but have a warning for all athletes,” stated Magee. “This story is short version…

“After my last fight (against Mikkel Kessler) and my drug test came back positive, I near died after 25 years boxing and about 30-40 drug tests all clear.

“All my vitamins and drinks are IOC tested and are natural so I was told everything I took was ok by the UK Anti-Doping. I was totally lost to what could have made the test positive, so we started testing the products and it turns out that I drank an over the counter sports drink from a high street which is used everyday that has no inhancing properties in it or is labelled as doing so.

“(Apparently,) It had been contaminated at source/factory and although it showed up on the test as positive it was such a low level it had no performance enhancing effect and so said the UKAD!

“So sigh of relief at my total innocence in the matter as it’s been a nightmare six months and I can finally start training again.

“This is a massive warning for all athletes as we cannot trust these supplement companies and the UKAD need to step in and visit these factories to pass them (or not) on site so athletes don’t have to endure the six months I have had to go through.

“I am a firm believer in no drugs in sport and you need to have heart, determination and will power, (along with) hard work and dedication to be a champion and that is how I have always lived with every fight and not looked to take an easy way out.

“Hopefully other athletes get behind me so these companies are held accountable and not just taking our money for unregulated junk.”

Brian Magee

Former world crusierweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli was recently banned for a similar offence after professing to drinking one of those ‘over the counter’ drinks mentioned by Magee, and with the picture currently hazy as to what is actually in these supplements, more obviously needs to be done to help those unaware of the dangers.