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Peter Fury: Tyson ready to sign for Haye

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Haye, 32, took visible pleasure in posting up his Instagram video today as the former WBA title holder signed his portion of the deal, and couldn’t resist another dig at his rival by stating that Fury may now switch his attention to double David Price conqueror Tony Thompson.

“I am sure David Haye can rest in peace knowing that Tyson will be signing this contract,” Fury told World Boxing News.

“We are not in the business of doing deals and then talking to others or reneging on our word. We are only waiting a document from Adam Booth’s side and as soon as we get it and it’s good, then were good to go for this fight.”

Undefeated Fury, who has an impressive 21-0 record with 15 stoppages, had stated just last week that he is fully on board with a 50/50 split for the potential PPV blockbuster, despite a tongue in cheek remark that he wanted an 80% piece of the pie.

All should be final for the September match-up imminently and fight fans can begin to look forward to the biggest UK heavyweight match-up in a generation.