Haye releases video of him signing Fury contract (with video link)

Former world champion David Haye has promptly signed on to fight Tyson Fury with, according to the Londoner, ‘rumours that his potential opponent was looking to duck him and fight Tony Thompson.’

The 32 year-old has been linked to a fight with Fury for over six weeks, with contracts exchanged between both camps last week and Haye has fulfilled his side of the bargain for a massive clash on September 28 in Manchester.

Haye, via a posted video on his Instagram at mrdavidhaye said: “I’ve just signed to fight Fury on September 28, lets hope he finally agrees (and signs today) and he doesn’t keep delaying.

“Word around the camp fire is Fury is looking to duck me and fight Tony “The Tiger” (Thompson). Lets hope they are just rumours.”

The ball is now firmly in the court of 21-fight undefeated Fury, 24, as the 50/50 deal draws closer to completion, with the winner in line to challenger either of the world champion Klitschko brothers in the next twelve months.

Click the link for video: instagram.com/p/bgem3yAyBw/