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Home » Fury: Price won’t do anything whilst ‘bitch’ Lewis is with him!

Fury: Price won’t do anything whilst ‘bitch’ Lewis is with him!

Fury, 24, has been more vocal ragainst Lewis since the 1988 Olympic gold medallist linked up with nemesis David Price as a consultant trainer, although the recent article with the newspaper was the first time anything had come out in public from the three-time king.

The former Irish title holder has been attempting to seal a big money clash with David Haye in September as both fighters found themselves on the wrong end of a tongue lashing from Lewis, with a response never far away from the outspoken Fury.

“Lennox Lewis has the cheek to talk bout chins when he was proper chinny!” Fury told World Boxing News.

“He lost to journeymen, got knocked out too and I am unbeaten, what a bitch!”

“I have no respect for him at all and Price won’t make nothing of himself as long as he is with Lewis.”

Lewis, 47, is currently in Liverpool overseeing final preparations for once-beaten Price, who aims to redeem his loss to Tony Thompson on Saturday night at the Echo Arena following a second round stoppage earlier in the year.